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Colin Firth Movies

The movies written in black I own, the ones written in green I have only seen and the ones in red I still need to see.


Title Year Part Availability My comment about it
2010 David Copperfield Edward Murdstone pre-production Based on Charles Dickens' novel. Murdstone is Copperfield's cruel stepfather. Well, I can't wait! Villians are so much more interesting characters than always those good guys!
2010 The King's Speech King George VI filming Story how the King overcame his stammer with the help of a speech therapist.
2010 Main Street Gus Leroy postproduction with Orlando Bloom and Andrew McCarthy!
2009 St. Trinian's: The Legend of Fritton's Gold Geoffrey Thwaites release date U. K. 18th December 2009 Seems like Miss Fritton (Hugh Everett!) is related to a late pirate and so the girls are on the hunt for the treasure.
2009 A Christmas Carol


Fred Release date Germany 12th November 2009!!
Country Date
Australia 5 November 2009
Hungary 5 November 2009
New Zealand 5 November 2009
Russia 5 November 2009
Brazil 6 November 2009
Finland 6 November 2009
Norway 6 November 2009
Sweden 6 November 2009
UK 6 November 2009
USA 6 November 2009
Germany 12 November 2009
Japan 14 November 2009
Hong Kong 19 November 2009
Italy 19 November 2009
Portugal 19 November 2009
Singapore 19 November 2009
Spain 19 November 2009
Iceland 20 November 2009
Turkey 20 November 2009
France 25 November 2009
Croatia 26 November 2009
Netherlands 26 November 2009
Belgium 2 December 2009
Argentina 3 December 2009
Egypt 9 December 2009
Greece 24 December 2009
Ukraine 31 December 2009
Of course another remake of the story by Charles Dickens. From what is to be read at Jim Carey will play Ebenezer and the 3 ghosts  (omygod)....
2009 Easy Virtue Mr. Whittaker Released on several film festivals since september 2008, no release date for Germany up today An American divorcée meets her new in-laws after tying the knot with a young Englishman on the spur of the moment in France. Based on the play by Noel Coward (source: The divorcée seems to be played by Jessica Biel. My guess is that ODB has the part of the in-law-father with Kristin Scott-Thomas as his wife.
2009 A Single Man George  
Country Date
Italy 11 September 2009
Canada 14 September 2009
UK 16 October 2009
Japan 19 October 2009
USA 19 October 2009
USA 5 November 2009
USA 6 November 2009
Norway 29 November 2009
Poland 30 November 2009
Canada 11 December 2009
USA 11 December 2009
UK 12 February 2010
France 24 February 2010
Australia 25 February 2010
Belgium 3 March 2010
Italy 12 March 2010
Taiwan 19 March 2010
Germany 25 March 2010
New Zealand 6 May 2010
Story of an English professor (gay) who has to cope with the sudden death of his longtime partner. After the novel of Christopher Isherwood.

ODB won the Award of Best Actor at the 66th Venice Film Festival!!! Congrats!

Pics of the festival aso here

He's won the Nomination as Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role of the SAGA (Screen Actors Guild Awards)!!! Along with George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, Morgan Freeman & Jeremy Renner. Hard competition!!

Official Website with lots and lots of pics and clips: A Single Man

And you can post your congrats on

2009 Dorian Gray Lord Henry Wotton Release U. K. 9th September 2009
2008 The Accidental Husband Richard Bratton on DVD With Uma Thurman

Talk radio host Emma Lloyd advises one of her listeners to break up with her boyfriend. He longs for revenge. Comedy.

2008 Genova Joe  
Country Date
UK March 2009
France May 2008 (Cannes Film Festival)

A ghost story about two American girls and their British father who move to Italy after their mother dies. (source:

2008 Mamma Mia Harry Bright on DVD Like the Musical of ABBA. I've seen the Musical already twice in London. I love it to death!. The movietrailer makes you yearn for the movie!

The whole cast did a brilliant job! Sooo funny! And Pierce Brosnan's singing is not that bad (either that or the sound technicians worked miracles).

ODB is doing a gay guy. VERY FUNNY!! The whole crew obviously had a blast!

Santa Claus brought the DVD for Christmas!!!! *yeah*

Link at imdb: Trailer

Here is the first review: The Hollywood Reporter

2007 And when did you last see your father? Blake Morrison on DVD RC2, English only With: Jim Broadbent (Bridget Jones's father)

And When Did You Last See Your Father? is Blake Morrison's moving and candid memoir of his father in the weeks leading up to his death. When Arthur Morrison was diagnosed with terminal cancer he had only a few weeks left to live. Morrison traveled to Yorkshire to stay with his mother in the village where he grew up. He visited his father at the hospital where he had spent so much time with his own patients as a GP. As his father's condition worsened Morrison contemplated their shared experiences, the intimacies and the irritations of their relationship. After his father's death Morrison questions the nature of the bond between them, articulately expressing the contradictions, frustrations, love and loss bound into the complicated relationships which most of us have with our parents as we grow up. (by Anonymous of

I liked this movie a lot!

2007 Then She Found Me Frank on DVD directed by Helen Hunt

A Philadelphia schoolteacher hits a midlife crisis when, in quick succession, her husband leaves, her adoptive mother dies and her real one, an eccentric talk show host, materializes and turns her life upside down as she begins a courtship with the father of one of her students (Colin). (source:

With: Matthew Broderick, Bette Midler, Helen Hunt

Good story! And a delightful happy ending!

2007 (TV) Celebration Russel completed aired in the BBC
2007 St. Trinian's Geoffrey Thwaites
UK 10 December 2007 (London) (premiere)
UK 21 December 2007
Australia 27 March 2008
Belgium 9 July 2008
Germany 7 August 2008
Seems to be extremely funny! With Rupert Everet as HEADMISTRESS!! Very dark and rough humour.

I do need to get the movie on DVD!!!

Here is the link to the official site: St. Trinian's

2006 The Last Legion Aurelius (= Aurelianus Ambrosius Ventidius) on DVD This movie is based on the novel "The Last Legion" by Valerio Massimo Manfredi.

This story opens on the day that the Western Roman Empire collapses finally in 470AD, with the city itself over-run. In the preceeding months a small group of British Roman soldiers, led by a true hero, have journeyed to the city and have arrived just before the final climax. The task they have set themselves is to save the spirit of the empire by rescuing the young son of the last Emperor, Romulus Augustus. Having found him and taken him away they decide to journey across northern Europe as there are strong rumours that an entire Legion of the Roman Army has remained loyal to Rome and has become an independent unit. They hope by finding the Legion and establishing the boy as the legitmate Emperor a stand can be taken and the Empire revived. However, their search is fruitless and eventually the leader and the child return to the Britain of the Dark Ages, where they re-emerge in legend as Merlin and Arthur Pendragon.

By now I've read the novel and was really thrilled! Aurelius is a true hero! Unselfish, brave and everything you could wish for! This is a brilliant part for our darling!

Thomas Sangster (Love Actually, Nanny McPhee) is again playing alongside ODB. He is Romulus.

And you will be able to adore one of the most beautiful women of Hindi Cinema: Aishwarya Rai. She is playing Livia who is called Mira in this movie.... cannot imagine any reason for the change of name...

2006 (TV) Born Equal Mark shown in BBC 1 With: Robert Carlyle

The Stories of different Londoner citizens with different backgrounds who are confronted with homelessness and how they try to cope with it.

2005 Where the truth lies Rex Collins

RC 1 DVD already

RC 2 out now!!

Check for more information to the movie.

It ran at the Cannes Film Festival 2005 and will be shown at the Toronto International Film Festival this summer. No exaxt dates available until now. Please do check the official website TIFF.

Based on the novel "Where the truth lies" by Rupert Holmes. The book is very thrilling and funny!

For more information about the director Atom Egoyan you will find plenty via, Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

2004 Nanny McPhee Cedric Brown, the father of the bunch of naughty kids  DVD (English) out now

German DVD from 31.12.2006 on.

Based on the children's novels. Emma Thompson provided the script and will play the leading part.

Widower Cedric Brown is desperate. His seven children managed to drive away 17 nannies so far!!! There will be no help for him but Nanny McPhee who seems to be quite different from the others. It's a kind of magic.....

2004 Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason Mark Darcy DVDs worldwide available I loved the book! Even more than the first one!

Well, I like this movie.  Although so many things are just a reprisal of the first one but sometimes it's very endearing and just warms your heart..

And - OH MY!!! - Colin looks SO F****** GEORGEOUS!!! Just because of this TEOR is  one of my all-time-favourites.

Mark Darcy is just a dream come true. He is just too good to be real. *sob*

You have to get the DVD! They added the interview in the specials!!! And it's soo hilarious!!

2004 Trauma Ben Available on DVD worldwide Many different opinions about this movie. What all seem to agree about is that in this Colin is acting at his best. He carries the whole movie and is doing great!

Some consider it a horror movie. But a Firthsister who has seen it twice at the TIFF mailed me (Thanks, Dhana!!! Lucky girl!!) that the movie is terrific and no horror but a psychological movie. Just like Apartment Zero.

I have it at home. It's really heavy stuff! I need time to consume it properly. I will come back later to you on that.

2003 Hope Springs Colin Ware RC 1,2 DVD Very, very, very funny! Based on the novel "New Cardiff" by Charles Webb.

Colin acts so natural. He is sooooo good looking in this movie! (And never wears any underwear......). He is sexy and emotional and..... well, everything! The way his character proposes in the end is just beautiful!

A lot of people don't like it. But I definetely love it!

2003 What A Girl Wants Lord Henry Dashwood RC 1, 2 DVD, Videotape A rather plain Cinderella-story. Nothing that wasn't shown before....

Colin manages to improve it considerably! He makes Lord Henry Dashwood believable! You have to feel and to fall for him! Another movie where he shows what great an actor he is!

Watch out for the leathertrousers!!! Hilarious! And what a Happy Ending! The way he tells his daughter - in a very British way - that he loves her.... Lovely! (And of course the kiss for his bride afterwards... *swoon*)

Do listen to the different commentaries on the DVD! Every woman involved had a big crush on Colin! Quite naturally....

2003 Love Actually Jamie Bennett RC 1, 2 DVD and Videotape


9 stories about different kinds of love: romantic, funny, sad, endearing, with and without happy endings. An ambitious aim by scriptwriter Richard Curtis in his debut as a director. But he managed it tremendously!!! Colin's story is thankfully the most romantic with a happy ending! Not enough screentime for Colin but a delightful movie nevertheless!
2003 Girl with a Pearl Earring Johannes Vermeer RC 1 and 2

RC 2 version includes more extras than the North American edition. Cannot figure out why.....

After Tracy Chevalier's bestselling novel. If you've liked the book you will love the movie. The cinematography is brilliant! Every scene is like a Vermeer painting! The maid Griet is the center of the plot so naturally Vermeer has not so much screentime. Colin wears an ugly wig but is nevertheless extremely sexy!! The scene were he pierces Griet's ear..... *running to the freezer again*
2002 The Importance of Being Earnest Jack Worthing RC 1, 2 DVD

In Germany the German subtitles cannot be switched off when you watch it in English... very annoying!

Brilliant! Again a MUST-SEE!! Oscar Wilde's play is so intelligent, wicked, funny, full of beautiful language and the cast stands up to the task!

Colin often shows a twinkle in his eye that's just irresistable. Colin, Judi Dench, Rupert Everett, Reese Witherspoon and Frances O'Connor sure had a lot of fun shooting this movie! I for my part had a lot of fun watching it over and over again!

2001 Bridget Jones's Diary Mark Darcy RC1, 2 DVD, Videotape Another haughty, aloof person with hidden qualities and a golden heart. Mark Darcy created after Colin playing Fitzwilliam Darcy back in 1995. Very romantic and funny!

I wish I was Bridget (since I feel like her most of the time anyway.....)!!! The best kiss in film history! *sigh*

2001 (TV) Conspiracy Dr. Wilhelm Stuckart RC 1, 2 DVD A story that gives you the creeps! A group of highly positioned Nazis agree upon the mass murder of the Jews. You watch them chatting and laughing and then you realize what they are actually talking about!!!

Based on a protocoll about the Wannsee conference that really took place.

Brilliant!!! A Must-See!

2001 Londinium (new title in USA, Australia: Four Play; German title: Love Affairs) Allen Portland RC 1, 2 DVD

Take care that you get the original and not a  DVD from some other country. It might be that it has not the English sound but is dubbed!

Definitely a HORRIBLE, SILLY and AVOID-TO-SEE movie!!! Not even Colin can rescue some part of it! Really!

But my American and British Firthies mostly love it, I don't really know why. Seems that there still are some differences in the social context that I fail to understand. Crikey.... Or maybe it is the dubbing. I only own the German version. ODB has a horrible boyish voice there....

He has to wear an ugly beard and has to punch up several people outside a pub, just for the fun of it.

An utterly failed attempt to do a Woody Allen movie without the wit, the timing and the intelligence of Woody.

2000 Relative Values Peter Ingleton RC 1, 2 DVD Very, very funny story. Colin is not the main character but his part is extremely amusing! He plays a charming man (possibly a pouf) who likes to play games with others. Nothing too bad but slightly wicked nevertheless. He loves to watch - from the outside - what comes out of it. Julie Andrews is his aunt and he lives on her estate, keeping her company, amusing her.
1999 My Life So Far Edward Pettigrew RC 1 DVD I love it! Funny, sad, endearing! A brilliant cast and a beautiful story with many ups and downs! Colin has the opportunity to show what he is able to do. Great actor, indeed!
1999 The Secret Laughter of Women Matthew Field Videotape (out of print)

on ebay there're recently also DVDs available but you should know that they are made by the vendor and not by legal production release - but since the movie is out of print...... You have to decide what to do....

My favourite! No discussion and no question about that. To be sure, this movie is far from perfect but IMHO Colin looks best here. The story is intelligent when you give it a chance. It's funny, sexy and so full of emotions!! Every time I hear that lines "Say my name. Say it. Say my name!" I just melt away. You get to see his beautiful hands a lot. I need to stick my head in the freezer only thinking about it!
1999 Blackadder Back & Forth William Shakespeare DVD, Videotape Only 2 or 3 minutes of Colin. And with a beard and a ugly wig..... But the story is VERY funny! Typical Blackadder.
1999 (TV) The Turn of the Screw The Master DVD, Videotape I haven't seen it obviously but I was informed that Colin is only to be seen the first 5 minutes in this movie. And that's it.... Therefore no notion to buy it.
1999 (TV) Donovan Quick Donovan Quick taped from TV Don Quichote-Story transfered into modern times. Intelligent plot, a superb cast. Sometimes the Scottish accent is hard to understand. Also one of my favourites.

Colin as Donovan struggles against his own windmills, the inner and the external ones.  He looks wonderful here also.

1998 Shakespeare in Love Lord Wessex RC 1, 2 DVD , Videotape Extremely funny and romantic story! Colin is again the bad guy with an ugly beard (I just don't like beards......). He is fantastic in this part! So mean, reckless and wicked!! Not enough screentime, though, since he is not a main character. Pitty!
1997 A Thousand Acres Jess Clark RC 1, 2 DVD , Videotape An adaption of the King Lear story, not very brilliant. Colin is to be seen only in the first half of the movie. He seduces Jessica Lange which he does very sexily! He is extremely good looking but strange to listen to.... He is doing an American accent!! Weird! His voice actually seems to be a lot lower.
1997 Fever Pitch Paul Ashworth RC 1, 2 DVD, Videotape A very, very cute man this Paul Ashworth. You can't help but love him. He is so honest and struggles to express his feelings. Mostly in a very clumsy way but he strifes to improve himself. Very good!
1996 The English Patient Geoffrey Clifton RC 1, 2 DVD, Videotape Frankly, I don't really like this movie. I find it almost impossible to feel any pitty for the Count and Katherine. How can a woman with a sane mind leave such a wonderful husband??? And they were soooo ruthless. About the acting..... no comment. I just don't like it.
1996 (TV Miniseries) Nostromo Charles Gould Videotapes That's were Colin met his wife. Oh, I really do envy Livia!!

You'll need a lot of patience to get through this series. Colin has to wear a full beard which doesn't look too bad on him (and that coming from me!!!). Charles is a loving husband who takes his wife back to the country where his father was killed in a revolution and where he inherited a silver mine. Along the line he becomes so obsessed with the mine and the constant struggle against his various enemies that he neglects his wife and their safety.

The main character is supposed to be Nostromo (obviously) but it didn't seem this way to me while watching the series. The emphasis is not lain on him until the very end. And at that stage I for my part was not ready to accept this anymore. There were to many main characters and plots and loose ends. Maybe it would have done the movie some good if it had been a little longer or the scriptwriters had decided what could have been left out.

1995 Circle of Friends Simon Westward RC 1, 2 DVD,   Videotape Beautiful, romantic story about Irish teenagers growing up, finding themselves and trying to improve their situation. Colin plays the bad guy though. And he again has to wear a beard... I don't like facial hair...... The cutie in this story is Chris O'Donnell.
1995 (TV Miniseries) Pride and Prejudice Fitzwilliam Darcy RC 1, 2 DVD, Videotapes Need I really tell you something about it?? The LOOK in Pemberley, the wet shirt, the two proposals?? My favourite novel and my favourite miniseries!! Mr. Darcy just swept me off my feet! SO SEXY without any nudity!!!
1995 (TV) The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd Charles Holroyd DVD still have to watch it
1994 The Playmaker (German title: Death Date) Ross Talbert/Michael Condred Videotape, rumours say that soon there will be a new edition on RC 1-DVD Very, very, VERY SILLY story. You might say it's "mentally challenged" if you want ot put it politely. Only bearable because of Colin. He is brilliant! And sexy (very hot scenes involving a shower!)!!!

Stick to the Colin-scenes and forget the rest of it.

1994 (TV) Master of the Moor Stephen Whalby taped from TV A lot of suspense and brilliant acting. Again Colin plays a rather strange and queer but loveable person. Good.
1994 (TV) The Deep Blue See Freddie Page taped from TV Still need to see it. Will tell you about it then.
1993 (TV) Hostages John McCarthy Videotape (out of print) Very realistic movie about the true story. It shows the helpnessness of the victims and their relatives against the ignorance and the power manoeuvres of the politicians. Made like a documentary with the original news (or some very good made) from that time.
1993 The Advocate (cut version of The Hour of the Pig) Richard Courtois RC 1 DVD Brilliant! Sexy! All actors are superb in it. An intelligent story about grotesque laws and legal proceedings, superstition and lies. Colin has some very sexy scenes. He and Ian Holm have a great chemistry that shines through. (And you get to see some very nice butts! *yummy*)

Being a lawyer myself I appreciate all those twists and quirky turns in the legal cases even more!!

1993 The Hour of the Pig Richard Courtois Videotape (out of print) See my comment above. I couldn't resist buying this one also (dear me!) because of the cut scenes. My friends have told me some of the most sexy bits are missing in The Advocate. So I just couldn't help it.

Well, there are some cut scenes but IMHO you don't miss much if you haven't seen this version. But other Firthies are of a completely different opinion! If you have the chance just decide for yourself.

1991 Femme Fatale Joseph Prince Videotape NTSC (out of print), there is a new edition on RC 1-DVD announced but it's still not available. Check cduniverse for more information.

Be aware that there are two different movies with the same title!

Colin is very good (as always) but I don't know why the movie hasn't clicked with me. The idea of the plot is really good but I cannot feel that the production succeeds to transfer it properly.   

Very sexy lovemaking!!

1991 (TV) Out of the Blue Alan taped from TV Really weird, surreal movie. It  is funny, sad, disturbing. Colin and Catherine are very young and sweet. And even innocent in some way.

Alan is living his live through his video clips. In those he is able to control and steer the plot. He definetly cannot handle reality. He actually seems incapable to understand the nature of it.

Also his friends are slightly indifferent to realitiy and its consequences. Some more, some less. In fact they act like a family. They love and hate each other but they stick together and somehow everybody belongs to everyone.

Catherine Zeta Jones is the one who knows live and reality. She is fascinated by them and falls in love with Alan. But in the end she realizes that neither he nor his friends will ever show true feelings or even understand them.

1990 Wings of Fame Brian Smith Videotape NTSC Imaginative story, brilliantly acted by Peter O'Toole and especially Colin.

Surrealistic, unforeseable, sexy, weird and quirky! This movie has it all! It's absolutely underrated! One of my all time favourites!

1989 Valmont Valmont RC 1 DVD Wonderful looking Valmont! Be serious! How can anyone believe that Malkovich has the looks and the charm to seduce so many women???? Colin is the one who does it!! Very, very sexy!! (Though I don't really like the ending....)
1989 (TV) Tumbledown Robert Lawrence taped from TV Very serious movie about the Falkland War after a true story. Brilliantly acted! I love it!
1988 Apartment Zero Adrian LeDuc RC 1 DVD Weird, quirky story. No movie for highly sensitive people. A story  you need to think about. You have to question the moral standards of society and maybe your own, too.I do love it!
1987 (TV) The Secret Garden Adult Colin Craven Videotape NTSC About a minute of Colin at the very end for the second happy ending - so to speak. But the movie is nice. Gennie James is playing the spoiled (at first)  Mary Lennox very convincingly.
1987 (TV) Tales from the Hollywood Hills: Pat Hobby teamed with Genius Rene Wilcox still looking for it
1987 A Month in the Country Tom Birkin Videotape (out of print)

New DVD edition RC 2

Rather depressing story. But Colin and Branagh are superb!
1986 (TV Miniseries) Lost Empires Richard Herncastle RC 1 DVD Endearing!! Brilliant! A boy becoming a man! Lovely bittersweet story! Richard is also the narrator of the story so you can hear his beautiful voice throughout the series! *sigh*
1985 1919 Young Alexander Videotape (out of print) Just arrived at my happy home!! A complete surprise provided by one of my beloved Firthsisters! But sadly my vcr cannot handle it! *desperate*
1985 Dutch Girls Neil Truelove Videotape (out of print),

NEW! DVD!!! Thanks, Karolina!! She brought one from New Zealand!!! I cannot tell you anything about the RC though I have to watch it first.

A rather ordinary teenager movie. The Hockeyteam from an English Boarding School for Boys goes to Amsterdam for a turnament. But of course, all those guys have in mind are the Dutch girls. Colin is soooo sweet. His character is so shy. A Dutch girl actually falls in love with him but he is too shy and insecure to believe in his luck. And then the opportunity is gone forever. Bittersweet!!!
1984 (TV) Camille Armand Duval Videotape (out of print) Not as bad as I was made to believe. Actually Greta Scacchi and Colin are very attractive and play their parts most endearingly! Ben Kingsley's acting is not very convincing though. Only seen it once but surely not for the last time.
1984 Another Country Tommy Judd RC 2 DVD, Videotape, now announced RC 1 A very young Colin Firth but already brilliant. A rather sad story though.
State of production unclear
??? The Meat Trade Tom Phillips pre-production (it must be 2 or 3 years of pre-production by now....) A thriller set in Scotland about the 19th century serial killers Burke and Hare. Novel by Irvine Welsh (I couldn't find the exact title.....) tells that Robert Carlyle (The Full Monthy, Trainspotting) is also already cast for this.

??? Gambit Harry Dean Cannot tell what happened with this production. Seems it's been shelved... Remake of the Comedy from 1966 with Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine.   Harry Dean's plan to steal a statue from one of the world's richest men is missing one final component -- the participation of a beautiful woman to act as his gambit. In Nicole, he meets someone who appears to be the perfect candidate, since she is the spitting image of the tycoons late wife. But Harry himself becomes enraptured with her, causing his plan to take a series of wrong turns.

Jennifer Aniston was first asked to play Nicole but this is still not confirmed. Ben Kingsley will play the tycoon.

??? The Colossus Francis Wills in production With: Sir Ian McKellen, Susan Sarandon, Rachel Weisz

An ornithologist at the turn of the 20th century transports hundreds of songbirds to an ailing prime minister in South Africa and falls for a political activist trying to stop the impending Boer War. (source:

Until now only Rachel Weisz is still mentioned in the production. Cannot tell what happend to the rest.


Colin Firth as a producer:

In Prison my Whole Life 2007 Marc Evans director, writer
William Francome, writer
Colin Firth executive producer
Livia Giuggioli producer
Country Date
France May 2007 (Cannes Film Festival)
Italy 25 October 2007 (Rome International Film Festival)
UK 25 October 2007 (London Film Festival)
USA 18 January 2008 (Sundance Film Festival)
Germany 8 February 2008 (European Film Market)
Greece 10 March 2008 (Thessaloniki Documentary Festival)
Documentary with Amnesty International about the imprisoned political activist and former Black Panther member, Mumia Abu-Jamal, who's death sentence for killing a police officer was overturned in 2001 due to errors made during his original 1982 sentencing hearing. It is called "In Prison My Whole Life". See for further details.

As you can easily see my collection is growing constantly (at the same time my bank account shouts back at me:"Feed me, for Christ's sake!!!").

It's hard to find the rare movies but it seems that often I happen to be at the right place for the right time. If some of you are having   troubles finding those movies don't hesitate to e-mail me. Maybe I can give you a hint or even provide you with a contact. Firthsisters should help each other, we are family.

I especially advise you not to pay up to GBP 300 for  Out of the Blue (as happend some time ago on ebay....)!!!! Before you buy this movie which is only recorded by someone from TV in rather dubious quality do e-mail me!!

Lately I've got a lot of questions about my "moviehunts", so I decided to make new site for this topic: ODB Moviehunt

Heartfelt thanks to all my lovely Firthsisters all over the world, especially Beate, Diane, EmilianaT, Kroesermaja, Trudie, Karolina, Uli and Monika!! aniheart.gif (4940 Byte)

BIG HUGS TO YOU, GIRLS!! You rock!! (as Daphne would say..) headbaning.gif (4766 Byte) thumbsup.gif (1742 Byte)

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