Uli's ebay auction (ended 26th April 2004)


This auction was NOT my idea or doing! I just had to keep it for all of us because it was such a brilliant idea! The fame is all Uli's!!

The auction was visited about 800 times and created quite an uproar in all Firth-Forums with many discussions and praise for the unknown seller. Uli kept quiet and just relished everything until at last she outet herself in the CF German Yahoo group. But not before some of us told her that we suspected her to be the brilliant brain who did this.

I didn't want it to fall into oblivion and since ebay stores the auctions only 90 days I had to act quickly. So I copied and pasted the most important parts of it here. I deleted all links and borrowed the logo and the structure to maintain the look (not completely but nearly) .

If your browser tells you that there is some fault in this page just ignore it and allow your browser to show the page. (It is not so easy to borrow parts of a site and change them. It should work anyway though.)



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Kategorie: Entertainment Memorabilia > Movie Memorabilia > Props > Originals
Colin Firth - GENUINE FILM PROP - Rare Collector's Item Artikelnummer: 3810926537
Colin Firth ranks among England’s most accomplished thespians and is lusted after by legions of otherwise sensible women. "What a Girl Wants" is therefore a most suitable title for a recent movie of his. In this film he plays Lord Dashwood, a repressed politician who gave himself up to family traditions, but whose rock'n roll spirits are revitalised when an American teenager enters his life and reveals that she is his daughter.

This auction offers you the unique chance to buy the actual air guitar which Colin put to such a masterly use in the leather pants scene of the aforementioned movie. It is a vintage 1960 PEMBERLEY telecaster style guitar designed by Valmont Vermeer. A lucky member of the film crew discovered it at the Tumbledown Hill Street Market in London. The faded name plate in the guitar case (which is not part of the sale) suggests that the previous owner of the guitar was a Mr. Jack Worthing from Hertfordshire. Since the instrument had quite visibly been subjected to excessive use, the film producers decided to have it faithfully restored by the renowned company "Tom Birkin & Sons". It has now regained a good-as-new condition. The guitar is probably a bit too demanding for the complete beginner, but advanced learners and experts in the art of air guitar playing will acknowledge the magic of the offered item as soon as they have released the first imaginary chords.

Please note that I can only accept Paypal and well concealed cash as methods of payment. Shipping is FREE to all locations and I will carefully package the air guitar in matching materials to ensure its safe delivery.
Since Colin Firth does a lot of non profit work, I'd be ashamed to keep the proceeds from this auction to myself. I will therefore ask Colin's agent at ICM London to forward any net profits to one of the causes supported by Mr. Firth.

Thanks for your interest in this incredible item! AND PLEASE REMEMBER THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST.


P.S. The picture which you can see below shall merely help potential bidders to "visualise" the airguitar. It is NOT included in the offer!
airguitar.jpg (38047 Byte)


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