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Shah Rukh Khan Biography and Facts

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- - his parents: Mir Taj Mohammed Khan & Fatima (Begum) Khan

Father was freedom fighter, later Attorney at Law and salesman

Mother was Judge and socialworker.

They met at a hospital when Taj donated blood for Fatima who had an accident.

1959 Birth of SRK's sister Shenaz   Nickname: Lalarukh
11-02-1965 Birth of SRK in New Dehli, Talwar Nursing Home, India

Religion: Muslim

1. picture: Baby-SRK with his Sister Shehnaz
10-08-1970 Birth of Gauri Chibber, New Dehli

Religion: Hindu

  Sorry, I didn't find any baby pics of Gauri. But I'm still looking.....
approx. 1971 St. Colomba's High School, New Dehli   

Public School run by Irish Brothers. Favorite subjects: Sports (soccer, cricket, hockey), English & Electronics.

SRK was as he tells himself "a rowdy kid" always doing practical jokes and clowneries in class. Nevertheless he was a brilliant student.

He and his friends formed a "gang" with their own gang jackets a.s.o. They always hang out together.  Since they all thought they were very macho girls were out of the question... Machos don't date........(Little boys are really funny, aren't they?.... *lol*)

Once on the first day with a new teacher he pretended to have an epileptic fit (he even produced some foam). His friends picked him up and carried him out of class so they could skip school for the day.

SRK was given Sword of Honour for overall outstanding achievements: school grades, sports and acting.

Wanted to become a professional sportsman but had to give up because of his left knee. Started acting instead with Barry John's stage company.

afterwards Hans Raj College
New Delhi (University)
Graduation in Economic with Honours, left before end of term

Instead: Masters from the mass communication research center, Jamia Milia Islamia

- Dropped out because the school principal didn't believe that SRK would honestly do his studies. SRK was pissed off,  left despite his excellent marks, signed on at Jamia Milia Islamia for his Masters in Mass Communication and besides that started to make his career in stage acting and TV.
1981 death of father at age 51 - Without any warning cancer is diagnosed with Taj. He died within 3 months after that, leaving a crushed SRK who adored him limitlessly.
1983 got to know Gauri SRK states that Gauri was the first girl he asked for a dance and made a pass on.

He jokes that he first  fell in love with her beautiful legs.

She was 14 yrs old, SRK almost 19 yrs.

- Gauri's family tried to drive SRK away   Gauri's mother threatened to commit suicide. Gauri got periodically locked in and was absolutely forbidden to meet SRK.

Gauri's brother threatened to kill him.

Since most of their love had to be clandestine SRK was always afraid to loose Gauri and became obsessive about her. He couldn't bare to have anyone (especially other boys) to look at Gauri and tried to forbid her to wear a bikini or to let her hair down. So Gauri finally couldn't stand this anymore and broke up with him. To get over it she went for a holiday with some friends.

SRK borrowed 10.000 rupies from his mum took his best friend and they went to find Gauri. They searched for days, slept on the street or in doorways to save money and looked on every beach they could locate. SRK didn't know  where she went to but knew that she loved beaches. And just when all the money was gone they heard of a private beach and went there in a last desperate attempt ..... there she was..... SRK was so desperate and hugged Gauri that way that she forgave him.  He promissed to stop being a bully. (And obviously he managed to keep his promise...)

Once SRK went under a fake identity (his character's name in Fauji) to a family party at Gauri's. When his true identity was revealed of course there was a big uproar and scandal. SRK almost got beaten up.

SRK relentlessly tried to win the family over. He started to charm her aunts  and went deeper into the inner circle of Gauris family step by step.

I think DDLJ was written just according to this love story....

04-15-1991 death of mother at age 51 - Fatima had diabetes. She had a small injury which became fatal in the end because of a sepsis. SRK tells that just like his father his mum died in a very short time.

Last time SRK actually formally prayed. He spoke a prayer 900times at the car lot of the hospital so his mother would live.

He never got over the death of his parents who both died at age 51. In every interview he gets emotional when it comes to his parents since they never got to see his success.

Shenaz became depressive and still lives with SRK.

10-25-1991 SRK finally married Gauri SRK went for a Hindu wedding for the sake of his in-laws. He even came with a traditional wedding caravan with horses and danced on the way to his in-laws house.

Normally the wedding would have been at his mum's home since Fatima often made cross-religious weddings possible in her house as a social worker. But this time it was a house in mourning.

11-12-1997 birth of son Aryan It was a difficult birth for Gauri. SRK was terrified for fear she would die. Karan Johar accompanied SRK to the hospital.

SRK almost went completely mad with fear and accused himself for causing so much pain to his wife. When Aryan was finally born SRK first went to assure Gauri was alright. After he settled down he went to see his son.

SRK is sure that his son will be the same prat as he was. He states that Aryan started charming the nurses just after he was born.

05-23-2000 birth of daughter Suhana Where Aryan is loud and rude Suhana is quiet and smiling, so at least told SRK just after her birth.
1999/2000 death threats by Mumbay Underworld - Hard time for SRK and his family. Mumbay's Mafia tried to get him into their net. He stayed polite - not to invoke any threats for his family and him - but kept strictly away from them.

Informed the police to get help and finally got treated like a criminal himself during the investigations. Although the police also monitored the underworld's phonecalls and so circumvented the bombing of SRK's car.

Once when some mobsters tried to waylay him and threatened to shoot him he actually freaked out and blared out to shoot them instead. They were so stunned that they left. But the threats still went on from then until they eventually ended.

Just in Dec 2005 a famous underworld leader confirmed during his confession that SRK indeed never let himself get into contact with any underworld guy or action.

jan-2003 neck operation - Difficult operation in London, U. K., on a slipped disc in SRK's neck. SRK jokes that he is really high tech now due to the titanium implanted in his neck.

He was suffering great pain for months before the operation was conducted. But nevertheless he kept on acting and dancing in his movies ignoring the pain and the danger.

Just one day after the operation SRK went to watch a cricket match in London. Completely nuts! But that's the way he is.....

- A Happy Family

16th Feb 2009 shoulder injury (from shooting Dulha Mil Gaya) is operated   Did you realize that SRK always hurts limbs on his left side? Strange. It is said that the left side stands for emotion and feelings.....

(I also hurt myself normally on my left side... Wonder, what that says about me?)




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